Wonderful Indonesia is an Indonesian government's program to promote Indonesia to the world. One of the way is by promoting its authentic culinary.

The program is focusing one 5 national foods which is currently well-known by eater around the world. They are Nasi Goreng, Beef Rendang, Satay Skewers, Gado-gado salad, and Soto.

With so many consideration, we are so proud to be chosen as one of 100 Indonesian restaurant from around the world to become the Co-Branding partner of Wonderful Indonesia selected by Minister of Tourism Republic of Indonesia - Mr. Arief Yahya.

Later on, we get invited to attend an event called Gastronomy Forum 2018 which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 22-23 November 2018 and we also received a certificate of appreciation from the Minister of Tourism to appreciate those restaurant who help Indonesia to promote the culinary by operating Indonesian Restaurant outside of Indonesia. 

As a bonus we also received a trophy for winning a place of Best Picture on social media. 

Let's Spice Up The World Through Indonesian Authentic Culinary


Broadsheet is a well known site as a city guide website which cover food & drink, art & design, fashion, entertainment, travel and active lifestyles from around Australia.

We are so proud that The Sambal has been couple of times been in Broadsheet listing news as;

A new open restaurant in Sydney


A restaurant who has the best Sambal


A cheap eat restaurant around Townhall Sydney area


A best lunch restaurant in Sydney CBD


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It was such a pleasure when we got contacted by SBS Food author Jono Ford as it was such a honour to include The Sambal in SBS Food website.

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